Beauty & Skin

Hydra Facial

Experience rejuvenation with our Salon’s Hydra Facial service, a non-invasive treatment that deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates your skin, leaving it radiant, refreshed, and revitalized.

O3+ Facial

Revitalize your skin with our Salon’s O3+ Facial service. This luxurious treatment uses O3+ products to cleanse, nourish, and rejuvenate, leaving your complexion glowing and refreshed.

Aroma Facial

Indulge in relaxation with our Salon’s Aroma Facial service. Immerse yourself in soothing aromas as our skilled therapists revitalize your skin, leaving it refreshed and glowing.

Lotus Facial

Indulge in the natural beauty of our Salon’s Lotus Facial. Featuring Lotus-based products, this treatment revitalizes your skin, leaving it radiant, refreshed, and deeply nourished.

Anti-Aging Treatment

Rediscover youthfulness with our Salon’s Anti-Aging Treatment. Our specialized procedures and premium products help combat signs of aging, leaving your skin rejuvenated, firm, and radiant.

Blemish Treatment

Sylvie’s Salon offers a premier Skin Blemish Treatment service. Our skilled estheticians employ advanced techniques and quality products to effectively diminish blemishes, revealing clear and radiant skin.

Skin Light Treatment

Illuminate your beauty with Sylvie’s Salon’s Skin Light Treatment. Our professional estheticians use cutting-edge techniques and products to help you achieve a radiant, even-toned complexion.

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