Hair Services

Hair Cut

Sylvie’s Salon provides expert unisex haircuts, seamlessly merging contemporary trends with timeless styles, delivering a personalized and confident look that leaves clients feeling stylish and self-assured.

Hair Coloring

Our Salon takes pride in using premium, salon-grade hair colors for our Hair Coloring service. Our expert colorists will craft a personalized, vibrant look that complements your unique style and personality.

Rebounding Treatment

Transform with our Salon’s Hair Rebounding service, using top-quality products. Our skilled pros create sleek, manageable hair from unruly locks.

KeraSmooth Treatment

Sylvie’s Salon offers the transformative KeraSmooth service, a premium hair treatment that tames frizz, enhances shine, and leaves hair beautifully smooth and manageable, for both men and women seeking effortless elegance.

Keratin Treatment

Our salon offers a luxurious Keratin Treatment service, designed to eliminate frizz, boost shine, and provide long-lasting smoothness for a flawless and manageable hairstyle, leaving you feeling confident and chic.

Botox Treatment

Experience our salon’s Hair Botox Treatment, a revitalizing solution that nourishes and rejuvenates your hair, restoring its health, shine, and vitality for a luxurious and vibrant look.

Hair Spa

Indulge in luxury with our Salon’s Hair Spa service, featuring the use of high-quality products. Experience rejuvenation, deep conditioning, and relaxation for your hair, leaving it nourished, glossy, and revitalized.

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